Cooper Brady Photography.

I am a photographer from the Sunshine Coast. I find calm when I'm out in mother natures playground, happiness when I'm with family, friends and food, and excitement when I'm exploring and experiencing new places and cultures. I live to both wander and wonder. I've been taking photos for a long time now; I first taught myself to use 35mm cameras after attending a friends' gallery exhibition of amateur 35mm photographs, and fell in love with simple juxtaposition and why certain compositions make you feel something unexplainable, some connection despite not being there or despite the subject being mundane. This little bit of magic is still what drives me today to take thought provoking images, whether I'm shooting a wedding, creating content for your business or out taking photos on my own, I strive to take an image that makes you feel something or brings emotions flooding through your body.

Looking through a viewfinder allows you to slow down reality and see it in small fragments, and each small fragment has a world of its own that can be seen so many different ways. If you gave 10 different people a camera and asked them to photograph someone in a room, I love that no two photos will be the same, and each one will reflect how each photographer wanted to see that very moment that will never be experienced again.



We were a absolutely blown away by his ability to capture both the glamourous big shots , as well as the moments of love, connection, tears, laughter, details and all the little in between moments that made our wedding. I return again and again and can never choose just a handful of favourites, there are just too many. If your looking for someone who is passionate about capturing true connection, all while doing with great energy and a smile, give Cooper a call, you won't regret it

18/50 Seaside Boulevard, Marcoola QLD 4564