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It's best for me to look at what you're wanting to capture, the moments that are important to you, and how we can make that happen. Below are popular booking times and pricings, as a guide.

Content Creation & Portraiture

Some of my favourites have come from a well planned out power session, a good location at the right time can yield 70-100 images.

Content creation bookings of more than 3 hours include a pre shoot consult to get on the same page for a productive shoot


Weddings 1/2 day Hang

This is plenty of time to cover some pre wedding details, the ceremony, and some bridal images to cherish.

Clever planing can make this time count.

Includes a pre shoot meet up.
(roughly 3-4 hours)


Full Hang + Framed A3 Print

The full hang, top to bottom, and all the in betweens, moments you didn't even know were happening, magic, emotions, and curiosities from you, your family and friends and the land on which you are marrying on.
+ A3 Pro Print & Frame
+ pre shoot meet up



Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, of course, I love travel as much as photography, it's where it all started. in 2019, I got to go to Italy and to Tasmania to shoot weddings, they are always special ones.

I simply research the destination and come up with the best prices for flights, 2 nights acomm and car hire and propose the logistical fee to you.
You may be surprised how cheap you can get all three. It can still end up cheaper and easier than finding a photog at your location.

Can you organise a second photographer?

A second shooter allows multiple angles at key moments like the bride walking down the aisle, it also allows a photographer with both groom and bridal groups pre-ceremony if they aren't close. (If they are close, I can
visit both camps on my own.) Everything is possible and negotiable, don't hesitate to ask to discuss extra shooter costs.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes, if possible I can offer this extra service.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use 2 x Nikon D750s with professional grade lenses, I also am known to shoot some film on old cameras if this is something you may interested in.

How do we recieve the images?

I deliver the entire gallery categorised via a professional viewing software platform called Pixieset. You are also able to send the gallery to all your guests who can download and print at their own will, no extra costs involved. I am a service to you and the images are all yours.

How long until we get our photos returned?

Good Question, it all depends on the length of the shoot and how busy I am at the time..

IVe been told Im pretty fast in returning my images, and I hope to have a 6 hour wedding shoot in front of you no later than 3 weeks post shoot, a one hour family shoot will be all your within a week. As part of the service I will deliver you 5 images to your mobile within 24hrs so that you can share your professional images of your big day, and not the ones off your phone.

Can you help us with printing and framing?

Absolutely, I have a trusted local and very experienced Printer Framer who can take your Memories and make them Gallery worthy. The quality is incomparable and I encourage you to use this service to make the most of your investment.

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